Hope: Up for discussion by Jeramiah Bradley  Hope: In my eyes             by Adrienne Bargsten

Up For Discussion

How would you describe hope?  I would describe it as belief that something will happen or won’t happen. It also stretches out to raise morale support in times of need. Anyone or any living thing can have it. Sometimes with hope and patience we can get what we need or want. 

In My Eyes

In my eyes, hope is like a set of emotions that most everyone faces when in new situations.  Hope is like falling in love for the very first time, with the individual of your dreams and the long goal or having him ask you to be his forever through marriage. For little kids, it is like the desire and longing hope for getting that puppy or kitten underneath  the Christmas tree or as a birthday gift!  Getting that pet makes children and adults  happy. Hope is like a meadow full of new life and adventure! Hope is exciting and full of upcoming memories. 


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